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Today’s issue addresses that little detail that makes the newsletter business world go round: getting paid! 

As our issue covering the 2024 creator economy showed, many newsletter operators struggle with monetization and so this issue provides insights into the latest publisher revenue strategies, case studies on paid subscriptions, paywall tactics, and non-newsletter revenue streams like products and events.

Our sponsor for this issue is Monday.com, the project and workflow management platform that any busy newsletter operator could use to streamline their many production and communication tasks. Newsletter deadlines and productivity are no joke!

The Newsletter Business Referral Reward Program is now in full effect, and you’ll find a reminder of those great rewards in the Just For Fun section at the bottom of this issue.

Finally, I’ll be traveling in Austin, TX this week and would love to meet any Newsletter Business readers in the area - feel free to drop me a DM and let’s say hello!

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Enjoy and see you next issue!

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📰 Industry Roundup

INSIGHTS: 7 Publisher Strategies For Optimizing Revenue: This special Newsletter Business Insights article distills Digiday+’s exclusive members-only research on publisher revenue strategies into 7 actionable highlights you can put to use… Read

4 Ladders Of Wealth Creation: Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit, shares how he’s leveraged the Ladders of Wealth Creation framework to generate millions of dollars and how you can do the same… Thread / Essay 

Paid Newsletters & The Age Of The Sovereign Creator: Substack co-founder Hamish Mckenzie reflects on the inspiration for Substack as an enabler of sovereign creators who can harness the distribution & scale capabilities of the Internet coupled with a model for ownership & revenue via paid subscriptions. This is a piece where the comments are as interesting as the article… Read

beehiiv Updates Referral Program & App Navigation: beehiiv has refreshed its referral program with a fresh look and expanded its reward types, adding Digital as a type and a dropshipping option for Physical. Platform navigation was also the subject of a refresh, so your eyes are not playing tricks on you; if you can’t find that menu option, here’s a cheat sheet… Referral / Navigation 

⚒️ Letter Ops

12+ Boring Newsletters That Make Millions: The ability to monetize a newsletter is often heavily influenced by the market and audience it serves, but these examples prove that cash doesn’t always need flash… Read

CASE STUDY - The Guardian Don’t Need No Stinking Paywalls: The Guardian is heralded as a bastion of independent journalism; equally impressive is its commitment to free content without paywalls. Leveraging a very intentional strategy, the power of great content, and a portfolio of 54 newsletters, they are generating $112 million from reader subscriptions. Here’s how… Read

CASE STUDY - We Have Liftoff…$500k+ Generated Outside The Inbox: Payload is a newsletter focused on the commercial space industry, but they are not focused on growing their 20,000 subscribers. They’d rather have the right subscribers than more subscribers, and are intensely focused on increasing SLV (subscriber lifetime value), which increasingly means producing revenue outside the inbox via events, content and podcast advertising. Here’s how they’ve generated 53% of their 2023 revenue outside of the inbox:... Read

How To Use Your Newsletter To Sell Products: Product sales represent a great opportunity for newsletter monetization, whether you are selling your own products or recommending those of others for an affiliate commission or pay per lead fee. Learn how to position your newsletter for optimal product sales from someone who has done just that to generate $100k … Read

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Email-Based Courses - Your newsletter audience lives within email. Why not teach them easily in the channel they already love, rather than hassle with creating a video, LMS or live course? Newsletter Business subscribers get 30% off with code MEBC30 Check it out

The Newsletter Is The Business (TINTB) - All you need to know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Get smart fast

Megahit - Need sponsors? Find sponsorship leads among your newsletter subscribers using LinkedIn data enrichment. Find sponsors

🎉 Just For Fun

Get Your Referral Rewards!: I opened the doors on the Newsletter Business referral rewards program last week. Like all new things, it requires time to gain awareness and traction, so I’m taking this opportunity to remind you that these great referral rewards are yours for the taking when you refer subscribers to your favorite newsletter (yes, I mean this one):

  • Newsletter Shoutout (3 entries): This reward will entitle you to be featured in a new Shoutout section that will periodically appear in Newsletter Business. Your newsletter’s name, URL, and a one sentence description will be featured.

  • Copy of The Newsletter Is The Business (25 entries): You will receive a complimentary copy of Newsletter Business’s ebook The Newsletter Is The Business, which is a $147 value and shares expert insights from myself and newsletter operators like Richard Patey who originally wrote the book. This book will be updated as tactics and strategies evolve and you will also receive those updates.

  • Newsletter Business T-Shirt (50 entries): You will receive an exclusive Newsletter Business t-shirt in the size of your choice. Right now only 2 of these exist in the world!

  • 60 Minute Coaching Session (100 entries): The current top reward is a 60 minute private coaching session with me, where we will discuss your newsletter challenges, opportunities or any topic that you wish. I don’t currently offer individual coaching outside of this reward and a few special programs, so this is rare; when I do, the hourly rate has been $350 per hour.

Every time I receive one of your referrals, rest assured I’ll be doing a little dance number that looks something like this - and there’s a good chance one of my kids will capture the video for you!

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