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The Creator Economy is alive and kicking in 2024, but you may not know all of the details if you haven’t read ConvertKit’s 62 page State of the Creator Economy 2024 report - I have and I break it down for you in today’s issue.

SPOILER ALERT: Newsletters are a creator’s best friend…

This issue celebrates newsletter creators like you with case studies on exits and growth-driven ad strategies, formal recognition by institutions such as the Pulitzer Prize, and tools and concepts to help grow your audience and reach without burning out.

‘Tis the season for creator events, with the recent The Newsletter Conference (recap here), CEX, and Affiliate Summit all taking place in the last 2 weeks, and another one on the horizon: Convertkit’s Craft & Commerce from June 5 - 8 in Boise, Idaho. I unfortunately can’t make it due to other commitments, but there will be many familiar faces from the creator world there.

Our sponsor for this issue is OpusClip, a generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts in one click. I’m delighted to have them as a sponsor as their product fits the Newsletter Business philosophy of using AI as a complement to - and not replacement for - authentic creator craftsmanship. OpusClip fits perfectly with the superformat concept which is explored in today’s LetterOps section.

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The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

There's a rising demand for high-quality video content on LinkedIn. This presents a major opportunity for brands (and thought leaders) ready to step in.

Here’s how you can capitalize:

  1. Grab your company's existing video assets, like interviews or webinars

  2. Generate dozens of clips using OpusClip

  3. Schedule your whole month’s worth of video clips on LI using our new Calendar feature

  4. Reply to comments on your videos to foster your new connections

Want the full breakdown, with examples from companies like SaaStr and Chili Piper? Read it for free here

📰 Industry Roundup

Insights - State of Creator Economy 2024 (62 Pages/2 Minutes): ConvertKit has released its third annual State of the Creator Economy report and newsletters figure prominently in it. I read all 62 pages and distilled them down into a 2 minute read for you with all of the key takeaways… Read

Newsletter Operator Burnout: If done well, newsletters demand a consistency that benefits both subscribers and the newsletter’s fortunes, but can take a toll on the operator. Creators that need a break struggle with guilt and - depending on how long of a break - the issue of refunds and exit strategies. Two articles (1 free, 1 paid, hence 2 options) show burnout is not new… Read (free) Read ($)

Pulitzer Prize Nominations Prove Local Online Dominance: For the first time in 107 years, online news outlets outpaced traditional newspapers as Pulitzer finalists. The number of online outlets noted marks a pronounced shift in how local news is delivered, which newsletters are playing a key role in. Read

Case Study - Athletic Nears 3 Million Newsletter Subs, Raises Rates: The Athletic grew its newsletter subscribers 20% over the past year to approach 3 million subscribers and continues to raise newsletter ad rates slightly as it grows. Its newsletter portfolio strategy is becomingly increasingly common among larger industry publishers to keep paid subscribers engaged; check out their open rates and ad model… Read

Featured Partner

📈 Craft & Commerce: June 5 - 8

The Conference for Creators Like You

If you read this newsletter, then you must check this conference out!

Craft & Commerce is hosted by ConvertKit and features creators who are enjoying success across many channels including newsletters, YouTube, memberships, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Learn from an array of experts from across the creator ecosystem (and especially newsletters), including:

  • Nathan Barry - ConvertKit

  • Chenell Basilio - Growth In Reverse

  • Gina Bianchini - Mighty Networks

  • Jay Clouse - Creator Science

  • Codie Sanchez - Contrarian Thinking

and many more!

The conference will take place June 5th - 8th in Boise, Idaho- don’t miss it!

⚒️ Letter Ops

30+ Ways To Monetize Your Newsletter: The 2024 State of the Creator Economy report shows that a quarter of creators make $0. Here’s a library of over 30 newsletter monetization approaches with examples… Read

Case Study - AI Newsletter That Was Designed To Sell Exits: Bot Eat Brain parlayed just over a year of effort and 22,000 subscribers into a $50k exit. The founder shares his strategies for selling not 1 but 2 digital assets over a 2 week period, including how to find the ideal buyer for your asset… Read

Paid Newsletter Recommendations - Your Mileage May Vary: The jury is divided on paying for subscribers recommended by other newsletters. Some say other newsletters are the best source, while others suggest those subscribers may not be very focused on your newsletter, leading to poor engagement down the road. The debate rages, with Louis Nicholls of Sparkloop putting his money where his mouth is regarding Upscribe in this thread… Read

Superformat Your Way To Creator Sanity & Dominance: The “Superformat” concept involves focusing on the production of one large, primary unit of content that can more easily be cut up into smaller units of content appropriate to distribution on different channels. Here’s a beautiful concept visualization using Creator Spotlight as the example… Read

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Email-Based Courses - Your newsletter audience lives within email. Why not teach them easily in the channel they already love, rather than hassle with creating a video, LMS or live course? Newsletter Business subscribers get 30% off with code MEBC30 Check it out

The Newsletter Is The Business (TINTB) - All you need to know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Get smart fast

Letter AI Toolkit - Use prebuilt prompts and GPT-4 to summarize and output news URLs into newsletter stories. Check it out

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