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This issue is a little late today for 2 reasons, but is worth the wait:

  1. It was May the 4th this weekend and I watched 6 Star Wars movies in theaters with my family. Hey, newsletter operators get to have a life!

  2. I have been pouring over notes to provide you access to 60+ juicy tips fresh from The Newsletter Conference that just took place 3 days ago! 5 or more key insights from each session await you via the links in the Spotlight section below.

I was in the front row to capture the knowledge bombs being dropped by the assembled panel of experts and have packaged them into this special Spotlight Issue that is solely focused on insights from The Newsletter Conference.

From left: Dan Oshinsky (Inbox Collective), Ryan Sager & Jesse Watkins (Who Sponsors Stuff)

It’s always a treat to meet the readers of this newsletter and it was great to see so many of you at the conference! Kudos to Ryan Sager and Jesse Watkins of Who Sponsors Stuff for organizing a fun and informative event, and to Dan Oshinsky of Inbox Collective for rocking the emcee mic!

Speaking of events, Affiliate Gathering will take place this Friday May 10th. You can join online or in person if you can get to North Yorkshire, UK. I’ll be attending virtually as I believe that affiliate commissions are an important source of newsletter revenue. We all can learn from what works for the content creators in the affiliate marketing and niche website space. Register now!

Our sponsor this week is beehiiv, the email service provider (ESP) that is tailor made for newsletter operators like you and me to launch, manage and grow our newsletters. beehiiv makes obtaining sponsors as well as sponsoring other newsletters incredibly easy with its Ad Network, and I can’t endorse the platform more than by running this newsletter on it. beehiiv raised $33 million in its Series B last week and I appreciate them allocating some of that capital to support the newsletter operator community through newsletters like this one. (Full Disclosure: I am also an investor in beehiiv).

Please reply and let me know your thoughts on this week’s content - or reach out via our brand new X/Twitter handle @NewsletterBus.

Enjoy and see you next issue!

Fred (Connect With Me At: LinkedIn | X/Twitter )

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🌟 Spotlight: The Newsletter Conference 2024

25 Rules For Running A Newsletter In 2024: Dan Oshinsky of Inbox Collective shared 25 rules for running a newsletter in 2024; the first 5 below are just the beginning… Read

  1. Email is an owned channel, but ownership belongs to the audience.

  2. Have a clear audience for your newsletter.

  3. Understand the job of your newsletter.

  4. Use AI for productivity, not creativity.

  5. Be willing to go where others aren’t.

Steal This Newsletter - Lessons on Great Content: A panel of seasoned operators from the Washington Post, Hubspot, Fintech is Femme and Morning Brew shared their views on what makes for compelling newsletter content, including the importance of a clear newsletter value proposition, having a unique perspective, and sharing habit forming content. One of the key insights was why Taylor Swift should be considered your newsletter’s competitor… Read

How To Grow Your Newsletter: A panel of experts from Inbox Collective, Sparkloop, Boardroom and Growth in Reverse shared their experiences growing their newsletters using a variety of methods such as contests, paid ads and referrals as well as the importance of knowing your payback period. The ideal payback period is quicker than you think if driving rapid growth… Read

The Opportunity In B2B: Jacob Donnelly of A Media Operator & Adam Ryan of Workweek addressed the many opportunities that abound within the B2B newsletter arena and the strategies needed to unlock them. If you haven’t heard why you shouldn’t rely on paid newsletter recommendations, you are about to… Read

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Whether you attend in person or virtually, you will learn at least one tip from the expert speakers that pays for your attendance. All pass types also get event recordings to learn from well past the event!

The conference will take place on May 10, 2024 - don’t miss it!

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The Future of Newsletter Advertising: A panel of advertising gurus from The Future Party, Smooth Media, Who Sponsors Stuff, and FinanceBuzz broke out their crystal balls and made bold predictions that addressed the performance nature of advertising, what audiences want, and how to differentiate in a crowded market. One newsletter was singled out as the example to copy for doing brand marketing and monetization right… Read

The Newsletter Saves Local News: A panel of experts from Inbox Collective, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6AM City, and URL Media provided insights into the local newsletter landscape and some of the unique challenges and opportunities it affords, such as government grants. Legacy media has also created a specific challenge for operators monetizing local newsletters… Read

Top Tactics To Grow Your Newsletter: Growth is clearly a concern for newsletter operators, and to meet that need a second panel of growth rock stars from Future Social, 1440, Bloomberg Media, International Intrigue and GrowLetter shared their tips, tricks and strategies regarding which growth channels to focus on. The meme channel tips are not to be missed… Read

Put Your Business Model At The Center of Your Strategy: This panel of newsletter business strategists from Who Sponsors Stuff, A Media Operator, Punchbowl News and Payload & Ignition shared their perspectives on different revenue model options, the need for diversification, and whether we’re experiencing a “bad newsletter” bubble. Is yours a “bad newsletter”? Read

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