🧘 Simplifying

I've sold my Media Assets newsletter, and now Letter Operators is no more

Hey there 👋,

I’m happy to say that my Media Assets newsletter I featured in last week’s newsletter got sold.

So now I’ve down to just two letters, this one and my crypto one.

But to further simplify, I’ve also just killed the Letter Operators brand, merging everything together now here at newsletters.biz.


Richard Patey

Eliminate the Weekly Grind with Letter AI

Last week I released my hand-crafted AI prompts I’d been using at Letter Operators, first with the agency and most recently with the monthly content service that is all no more.

These prompts are part of a toolset that leverages the GPT-4 Open AI engine (most advanced) to summarize articles that may otherwise be blocked in ChatGPT, so you can’t just do this with a $20/m ChatGPT Plus subscription.

And to make a no-brainer, I’ve just reduced the price down from $49/m to $20/m.

Below is a sample output (no edits) of the recent beehiiv 2024 State of Email Newsletters blog post using the ‘engaging’ tone prompt…

🗓️ The Future of Email Newsletters: A 2024 Snapshot

The future of email newsletters in 2024 is looking vibrant and promising! According to a report by beehiiv, email newsletters continue to be an invaluable medium for brands, marketers and creators. With over 50% of the global population checking their inboxes on a daily basis, the reach of newsletters is only expected to grow.

Some key insights from the report include:

✉️ An enormous surge in the number of emails sent via beehiiv, from 402 million between 2021 and 2022 to 4.5 billion in 2023.

🔍 First-party and zero-party data usage is growing as third-party cookies are phased out, helping creators better target their audiences.

🤖 AI integration is reshaping the industry. Creators are using AI to automate and enhance their newsletters.

But remember, while automation can facilitate content creation, newsletters still require a personal touch. So, keep humanizing your brand with engaging copy that resonates with your audience. Also, expect to see more acquisitions in the newsletter space. Just like social media, newsletters have become a hub for brand promotion and audience engagement.

It’s indeed an exciting time for email newsletters. Strap in and leverage cutting-edge tools to streamline your newsletter publishing, monetize your content and scale your audience. The 2024 email newsletter journey is set for an exciting ride! Buckle up!

💸 Trying to Master Paid Acquisition?

Getting your first few thousand subscribers to your newsletter is a grind. Organic growth is great and all, but it will only get you so far.

The inconvenient truth is that almost all newsletters that get past 20K subs achieved it through paid acquisition.

But learning paid ads is hard, even for marketers, and getting it to become profitable can be extremely tough. To master paid acquisition, you need:

  • Cutting-edge strategies for Meta, TikTok, and X.

  • Eye-catching ads – static and video – that magnetize subscribers.

  • Scalable techniques that maintain low CAC with high engagement.

Alota are veterans in running profitable ads for 8-figure e-commerce brands. Now, they’re bringing their expertise to the newsletter space. I personally know the CEO Leevi, and they know their stuff. Here’s what they are offering:

  • Handle all ad creative costs, including professional UGC videos.

  • Deploys battle-tested media buying strategies on Meta, TikTok, and more.

  • A bold promise: 100% money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied (excluding Ad Spend).

  • No strings attached – no contracts, leave anytime.

Worst case scenario? You walk away with invaluable media buying insights, absolutely free.


Megahit profiles your subscribers so that you can share with sponsors a more granular breakdown (seniority, company size etc) as well as find sponsorship opportunities. I particularly liked being able to use OpenAI to create segments based on specific industries. Check it out.

TNITB is everything I know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Check it out.

Looking to reach 4500+ newsletter operators?

Disclaimer: Not financial or business advice. This newsletter is strictly for information and education purposes. There are probably affiliate links to beehiiv and others in this issue.