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This week I talk about building a newsletter software tool that will not only summarize stories but source them too

Hey there 👋,

Over the last week I’ve continued to work on my AI tool that is currently powering the ‘Your Weekly Content’ service I’m offering, but will be sold as a standalone software tool in the near future.

With the service, I’ve been playing around with pricing, so let’s do a quick trivia poll, which is new feature in beehiiv I’ve been wanting to try out:

Eliminate the weekly letter grind!

How much am I charging to have 6 stories sourced, summarized, formatted and uploaded to your beehiiv account each week?

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This weekly content package delivers stories of between 200-300 words, such as you would see at The Morning Brew. But I’m also experimenting with shorter and longer form content and may incorporate that into the offering. It really is incredible what you can achieve with GPT-4 now:

This output is better than any software tool currently on the market (and it’s improved since that post on X). But as Yury states in the replies, ‘This is fairly easy to reproduce with a GPT with some prompts and examples’ which is true if you know what you’re doing, and others will catch up at some point.

So the key value add is building a tool where you don’t need to bring your own stories/sources to summarize. One which curates the top stories in your niche, and summarizes at the length you choose, in the style you want, with one click.

Imagine what that could do for your workflow and the newsletter business asset class.

Catch you next week



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