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It’s another evening edition of Newsletter Business following a week of travel as I visited Austin, Texas for the annual NamesCon conference. NamesCon brings together the global domain investment community with domain developers and cloud platforms. Every newsletter operator needs a great domain and a great newsletter platform.

In this issue, you’ll find the latest information on newsletter platform changes, a short list of newsletter platform options that you should consider, and recent platform migration case studies reflecting the experiences of a variety of newsletter operators. The key thing to remember is that no newsletter platform is perfect, and your platform choice should be influenced by your starting point, financial resources and newsletter business goals.

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📰 Industry Roundup

Goodbye ConvertKit, Hello Kit: ConvertKit has announced that the company will be re-branding as Kit this year. In addition to a platform expansion that will include an app store for third-party developers and a data/reporting hub, the re-branding will be covered via a public docuseries. For anyone thinking this is easy, this will be ConvertKit’s second re-branding attempt after 2018’s attempt to re-brand as Seva… Features / Docuseries / Seva Rebrand

Is Your Newsletter Eroding Your Personal Boundaries & Do You Care?: Sonia Weiser, who sold her 10,000 subscriber newsletter Opportunities of the Week to Study Hall, reflects on the obligation of serving subscribers and how newsletters encourage a familiarity with the audience that can at times be odd… Read

Now Hear This - beehiiv Supports Audio & Lifetime Subs: beehiiv has added to its monthly & annual paid subscription options with the introduction of a lifetime (one-time payment) option. In a move that will delight podcasters, it is also now possible to embed and play audio content from newsletters on the platform… Read

14,000 Exposed Google SEO Secrets: In early May, 14,000+ ranking features utilized by Google’s search engine were inadvertently disclosed in public and have been scrutinized by many SEO experts. If you operate a website, as most newsletter operators do, you need to be aware of some of the findings and here’s a user-friendly summary as your starting point… Read

⚒️ Letter Ops

6 Newsletter Platforms For Your Indie Newsletter: The platform you choose to run your newsletter on can influence its success and the amount of sleep you get as an operator. There are many choices in the space, so here’s a curated short list from Inbox Collective sharing their perspective on the available choices… Read

ConvertKit (Kit) vs. beehiiv: Increasingly, the most common comparison between newsletter platforms involves these 2 platforms. For better or worse, these platforms are changing so rapidly (even their platform name!) that an apples to apples comparison is usually rendered inaccurate shortly after being published. Here’s a brief, several day old comparison reflecting ConvertKit’s latest name and pricing changes, so read it while it’s current… Read

CASE STUDY - Moving From Patreon To Substack: Aisling Keenan writes The Outfluencer, an independent newsletter with over 2,000 subscribers that is trying to recreate the glossy magazine experience. She migrated the newsletter from Patreon to Substack in Fall 2023 and details why… Read

CASE STUDY - Why Platformer Left Substack for Ghost: Platformer, a popular 2x per week newsletter with 170,000+ subscribers covering the intersection of Silicon Valley and public policy, made a very public migration announcement in January that it was migrating from Substack. Reasons included concerns about business strategy, revenue sharing with the platform, editorial policies and the conversion rate of plentiful free subscribers. Check out the announcement and interview with the founder… Announcement / Interview

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