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Who do you love?

It’s OK, you can say it - I’m not going to tell your spouse or partner (although this may test how closely my wife reads this newsletter)..

It’s your newsletter subscribers of course!

We invest hours researching and writing our newsletters to serve our subscribers every week because we care about them. This issue is dedicated to showing subscribers the TLC they deserve to grow your newsletter and revenues while getting to know your subscribers better, and in some cases saying goodbye when that time has come.

Events are a great way to meet existing and potential subscribers, and so here are 2 events being hosted in NYC and the UK which are of interest to every newsletter operator, with remote options available too. I’ll be attending both (virtually for Affiliate Gathering) and would love to meet you! :

  • Affiliate Gathering: Affiliate commissions are an important source of newsletter revenue, so don’t miss this virtual and in-person gathering of affiliate marketers, content creators and niche website entrepreneurs on May 10. Virtual and in-person passes are available so register now!

  • The Newsletter Conference: This conference is happening this week (May 3rd) in NYC! Save $100 when you register with code BUSINESS and get a free copy of The Newsletter Is The Business ($147 value).

I’m delighted to welcome back this week’s sponsor, Hubspot! Newsletter Business supports using AI as a complement to and not replacement for authentic creator craftsmanship. HubSpot has integrated such AI capabilities in its platform and is also offering practical guidance to creators in the free guide “Supercharge Your Workday With ChatGPT” that offers 100 useful ChatGPT prompts.

Please reply and let me know your thoughts on this week’s content - or reach out via our brand new X/Twitter handle @NewsletterBus.

Enjoy and see you next issue!

Fred (Connect With Me At: LinkedIn | X/Twitter )

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📈 Affiliate Gathering: May 10

The UK’s Largest Conference for Affiliate & Content Marketers


Subscriber Bonus: Receive $50 Off The Newsletter Is The Business When You Register Via Links In This Issue

If you read this newsletter, then you don’t want to miss this conference!

Now in it’s third year, Affiliate Gathering has become one of the most valuable and affordable events to attend for anyone interested in the topics of affiliate revenue strategies, content marketing, SEO, traffic generation and niche site publishing.

Whether you attend in person or virtually, you will learn at least one tip from the expert speakers that pays for your attendance. All pass types also get event recordings to learn from well past the event!

The conference will take place on May 10, 2024 - don’t miss it!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Everyone that registers for Affiliate Gathering via the links in this newsletter will will receive $50 off The Newsletter Is The Business!

Please reply to this newsletter with a copy of your receipt and you will receive your discount code!

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Necessary: Not every subscriber / newsletter relationship was meant to be, and engagement rates are the proof. Poor engagement will ultimately drag your newsletter down. Here’s great advice for how to give your subscribers a second chance or say goodbye with grace… Read

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The Newsletter Is The Business (TINTB) - All you need to know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Get smart fast

Letter AI Toolkit - Use prebuilt prompts and GPT-4 to summarize and output news URLs into newsletter stories. Check it out

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