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The launch of the Letter AI Toolset and selling my Media Assets newsletter

Hey happy new year 👋,

In today’s newsletter:

  • One newsletter I’m selling

  • One service I’m stopping

  • One product I’m launching


Richard Patey

Selling Media Assets

I’m selling the Media Assets newsletter - 9K subs, 50% opens, 4% CTR.

It has made ~ $100 from the beehiiv ad network where it gets offers. And has made ~ $100 from product sales of Subscription Success (included in the deal) launched in the last issue last month so have only promoted it once.

This would be perfect for anyone considering (I know I have) launching a marketplace for digital media assets.

I just don’t have the time, as am now focussing on crypto (where I have my Digital Asset Investor newsletter) for the next two years. And my partner in the business Chris is now back to focussing on digital magazines.

We’re looking for a quick sale so pricing at $10K. The first person that wires the money gets the beehiiv account transferred. Hit reply if interested.

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Launching Letter AI

I’m now releasing my hand-crafted AI prompts I’ve been using at Letter Operators, first with the agency and most recently with the monthly content service that is no more.

These prompts are part of a toolset that leverages the GPT-4 Open AI engine (most advanced) to summarize articles that may otherwise be blocked in ChatGPT (so you can’t just do this with a $20/m ChatGPT Plus subscription).

The one you would use the most is generating newsletter stories by simply dropping a URL and hitting ‘Generate’. I’ve spent countless hours refining these prompts, and you can see the output further down this email.

Other ones I really like are the welcome series email generator:

The sponsorship outreach email generator:

And the newsletter subject line creator based on everything I’ve learned from sending millions of emails:

Ok, on to the summarizing tools.

Here is an example output for this recent crypto news story from the Short Story from Article (Summarize) - Factual tool:

🔫 Grayscale Turning Big Guns Towards Bitcoin ETF Battle

Grayscale Investments, one of the leading digital currency investing firms, is on the vanguard of the cryptocurrency ETF battle. The company, closely watched due to its asset base of $20 billion, is currently seeking to convert its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

As the maiden cryptocurrency ETF in the U.S, this move is set to open floodgates of possibility for Bitcoin. Current market players need to be ready and vigilant as Grayscale brings its big guns to the battle already heated battle for BTC dominance.

  • 🎯 Grayscale is looking to transform its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into an ETF.

  • 💰 GBTC is standing tall with a whopping $20 billion asset base.

  • 📈 GBTC already enjoys public listing status with notable distinction as one of the largest cryptocurrency funds.

  • 🚀 Advantage Grayscale: as a trailblazer, the Grayscale's ETF may pave the way for crypto ETFs approval by the SEC.

  • 🔐 Grayscale’s ETF might present well-regulated custody solutions satisfying SEC concerns.

The move by Grayscale is a strategic power-play poised to significantly impact the cryptocurrency landscape. Bitcoin ETFs have for some time been the subject of debates, with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) having, until now, staved off approval due to concerns over market manipulation and custody issues. Grayscale's status and significant digital asset base provide it a leverage that could prove critical in this ETF race. With Grayscale holding a significant stake in the Bitcoin market, the conversion of its GBTC into an ETF could unlock the much-craved mainstream institutional adoptions of Bitcoin and crypto assets.

This decision can position Grayscale, and by extension Bitcoin, into a dominant position. It is, however, important to stay vigilant within the market, as competition and the drive for dominance can significantly shake up the crypto space, adding both opportunity and complexity.

I have not edited anything in this output, it’s pure copy and paste into beehiiv (yes GPT-4 is that good now).

The tool that generates outputs with the engaging tone is way more fun though (and I’ve improved it a lot since this post on X).

I previously had a $5K/m agency package I was selling on Letter Operators. This was replaced by this $499/m content service:

AI eating productized services

And now this tool replaces that same service at just $49/m.

One caveat though is that it’s running on my OpenAI API so it’s eating my credits. I have no idea how usage is going to go and if someone starts to summarize thousands of articles I may have to close this toolset down!

As such I’m still working on a software product where users will bring their own API keys with them, and which will incorporate sources (story feeds). This is a much bigger project.

So for now, enjoy Letter AI. It should dramatically reduce the number of hours you or your team are spending creating newsletters.

Looking to reach 4500+ newsletter operators?

Disclaimer: Not financial or business advice. This newsletter is strictly for information and education purposes. There are probably affiliate links to beehiiv and others in this issue.