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It’s Spring - Let’s Grow! 🌻

March 19th is the official start of Spring, so it’s the perfect season to focus on growing things…with that in mind, I can think of no better topic than growing your newsletter subscribers, engagement and revenue!

Growth should be an important priority for your newsletter, and it certainly is for Newsletter Business. I am grateful for every subscriber we have, and the engagement of our audience was one of the reasons I bought the newsletter and I am committed to rewarding that trust and attention every week. I also know that we have so many more creators and entrepreneurs to reach who can leverage the power of newsletters to create entirely new businesses or to amplify their existing business.

What is your growth goal? As the saying goes, that which is measured is managed. I am focused on growing Newsletter Business beyond the 5,000 subscriber mark and quickly on to 10,000 engaged subscribers, and so our Letter Ops section in this issue is focused on sharing some of the tactics and resources that I am considering in pursuing that mission.

With respect to growth, revenue growth is also welcome and we are fortunate to have several sponsors who have expressed interest in the newsletter…including today’s sponsor The Rundown AI! AI is a fast-moving area that content creators cannot afford to ignore, especially in the newsletter arena. Newsletter Business also offers the Letter AI Toolkit to assist in leveraging AI in your newsletter operations.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to say hello, which has led to some great conversations! Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or X/Twitter, or simply reply to this email and help teach those deliverability algorithms that you love this newsletter!.

Enjoy and see you next issue!


P.S. Newsletter Business has partnered with The Newsletter Conference to promote its first ever event in NYC on 5/3. I will be there and would love to meet you! In addition, if you register for the conference via this newsletter, you will receive a free copy of The Newsletter Is The Business. See below for more details!

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📰 Industry

Profile Of A Substack Millionaire: Eric Newcomer, whose Newcomer Banking Summit was just held last week, has created a 7 figure media business based on a paid Substack newsletter with 84,000 subscribers and a burgeoning event series. Here’s how he did it. Read

Newsletter Lawsuits In The House of Representatives: Is this newsletter censorship & does the government know newsletters are electronic now? Read

ConvertKit: Purchase and leverage custom domains for your newsletter seamlessly with this new Entri integration. Read

beehiiv: New "Subscriber tags" feature introduces audience segmentation for targeted email campaigns and automations. Read

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📈 The Newsletter Conference: 5/3 in NYC!


Attend Our Newsletter Business Invitation-Only VIP Reception Immediately Following The Newsletter Conference

If you read this newsletter, then you don’t want to miss this conference!

For the first-time ever, The Newsletter Conference will gather newsletter operators and thought leaders from across the newsletter industry together in one place to discuss all of the essential topics you care about in making your newsletter thrive.

Organized by Who Sponsors Stuff, the phenomenal speakers list includes experts such as:

  • Matt McGarry - Founder, Newsletter Operator & GrowLetter

  • Jacob Donelly - Founder, A Media Operator

  • Dan Oshinsky - Founder, Inbox Collective

  • Chenell Basilio - Writer & Reverse Engineer, Growth In Reverse

  • And many more newsletter experts operating across a range of industries and audience sizes that can speak to your specific challenges!

The conference will take place in New York City at The Times Center on May 3rd, 2024 and is a can’t miss event!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Everyone that registers for The Newsletter Conference via the links in this newsletter will will receive a free copy of The Newsletter Is The Business.

Please reply to this newsletter with a copy of your receipt and you will receive your free copy!

⚒️ Letter Ops

Mr. Beast's Feastable Email Strategy: Do your subscribers click an average of 10x each in your emails? Mr. Beast’s do - learn how yours can too. Read

Growth Levers Library: Growth In Reverse has curated a library of key growth tactics from its many deep dives analyzing the trajectory of successful creators. Learn from it while it’s still free! Read

Sponsorship-Led Growth at TLDR: TLDR, the giant tech news newsletter, sponsored other newsletters to drive growth…here's a list of which ones they sponsored to inspire how you can use this tactic, drawn from the Growth Levers Library. Read

Cross-Promote Your Way To 10,000 Subscribers: How The Toronto Star uses its existing audience to get 10,000 subs for newly launched newsletters. Read

Referral Rewards Done Right: Referral reward programs drive growth if the incentives match your niche and can be managed effectively. Sparkloop’s Referral Rewards Cheatsheet is a handy guide to see what rewards work best for your style of newsletter. Download

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Email-Based Courses - Your newsletter audience lives within email. Why not teach them easily in the channel they already love, rather than hassle with creating a video, LMS or live course? Newsletter Business subscribers get 30% off with code MEBC30 Check it out

The Newsletter Is The Business (TINTB) - All you need to know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Get smart fast

Letter AI Toolkit - Use prebuilt prompts and GPT-4 to summarize and output news URLs into newsletter stories. Check it out

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