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Today is, by definition, poised to be a dark day as those of us in North America get to participate in a very important newsletter experiment: What impact will a total solar eclipse have on newsletter engagement?

My hope is that an event of this celestial significance will drive 60+% open rates and double-digit click rates for this issue - and it’s filled with engagement goodies with that in mind!

In other earth-shattering news this past week (possibly triggering the mini-earthquakes on the East and West Coasts of the US), Google announced that it might acquire Hubspot!

Is it purely a coincidence that Hubspot first sponsored this very newsletter last week, and then the news broke of a potential acquisition? I’ll leave that decision to you, but we will explore this topic more fully in the Industry Roundup and Letter Ops sections below along with other highlights such as:

  • Two newsletter operator case studies featuring tips for how to grow an engaged audience of tens of thousands of subscribers that could lead to a quick acquisition or 6 figures in annual revenue.

  • Industry benchmarks and checklists to optimize open rates, clickthrough rates (CTR), and which day of the week is best to send your newsletter.

  • Followers vs. subscribers, and how to leverage email-based course tactics in newsletters.

In a week filled with big happenings, here are 2 also worthy of your radar:

  1. Affiliate Gathering UK: Affiliate commissions are an important source of newsletter revenue, so you shouldn’t miss the UK’s largest gathering of affiliate marketers, content creators and niche website entrepreneurs on May 10. In-person and virtual passes are available so register now!

  2. The Newsletter Conference: Ticket prices for The Newsletter Conference will increase by $100 on April 22, so register now to attend this NYC on 5/3. I will be there and would love to meet you! In addition, if you register for the conference via this newsletter, you will receive a free copy of The Newsletter Is The Business!

Please reply and let me know your thoughts on this week’s content - or reach out via our brand new X/Twitter handle @NewsletterBus.

Enjoy and see you next issue!


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📰 Industry Roundup

5 Newsletters To Benchmark Your Engagement Against: How do your open rates and CTRs compare against TLDR, Milk Road and Houck’s? Compare Now

Big Newsletter Tech - Google + Hubspot: Google’s surprise announcement of a potential $35B Hubspot acquisition isn’t that surprising when you consider the power of combining ad-tech and newsletter-tech. Here’s What A Deal Means

Substack Creators Concerned As Subscriptions “Plummet”: Substack introduced the Follow feature in Summer 2023 to accelerate discovery of creators, but it may be having an unintended effect on subscriptions. Can Followers & Subscribers Coexist?

What’s The Best Day To Send Your Newsletter?: Many say it’s not Monday, and yet here you are reading this newsletter. ESP MailerLite shares research on what days and times their newsletter operators and email marketers prefer to send. Should You Change Your Day & Time?

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📈 The Newsletter Conference: 5/3 in NYC!



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If you read this newsletter, then you don’t want to miss this conference!

For the first-time ever, The Newsletter Conference will gather newsletter operators and thought leaders from across the newsletter industry together in one place to discuss all of the essential topics you care about in making your newsletter thrive.

Organized by Who Sponsors Stuff, the phenomenal speakers list includes experts such as:

  • Matt McGarry - Founder, Newsletter Operator & GrowLetter

  • Jacob Donelly - Founder, A Media Operator

  • Dan Oshinsky - Founder, Inbox Collective

  • Chenell Basilio - Writer & Reverse Engineer, Growth In Reverse

  • And many more newsletter experts operating across a range of industries and audience sizes that can speak to your specific challenges!

The conference will take place in New York City at The Times Center on May 3rd, 2024 and is a can’t miss event!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Everyone that registers for The Newsletter Conference via the links in this newsletter will will receive a free copy of The Newsletter Is The Business ($147 value)!

Please reply to this newsletter with a copy of your receipt and you will receive your free copy!

⚒️ Letter Ops

10 Ways To Improve Newsletter Engagement: From your welcome email to your pre-text optimization, are you doing everything you can to optimize engagement with your readers? Here’s Your Engagement Checklist

Case Study - 2 Years & 6 Figures On Substack: Rob Henderson’s newsletter is the #4 science newsletter on Substack. Two years, 55,536 free subscribers, 2,386 paid subscribers and $191,480 in annualized revenue have taught him a lot of lessons like “Mechanical consistency is an underrated approach to building a readership” and he has many more to share. Learn Rob’s Operator Lessons

Case Study - Newsletter Start to Acquisition in 6 Months: AI For Work scaled from 0 to 30,000 subscribers and an acquisition in 6 months, with only 13 issues and 1 irresistible offer. Listen to How This Operator Did It

Newsletter Or Email-Based Course In Disguise?: The Guardian launched its fastest-growing newsletter ever as a five week email sequence that has garnered over 100,000 subscribers. Here’s Why It Might Work For You

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Email-Based Courses - Your newsletter audience lives within email. Why not teach them easily in the channel they already love, rather than hassle with creating a video, LMS or live course? Newsletter Business subscribers get 30% off with code MEBC30 Check it out

The Newsletter Is The Business (TINTB) - All you need to know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Get smart fast

Letter AI Toolkit - Use prebuilt prompts and GPT-4 to summarize and output news URLs into newsletter stories. Check it out

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