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Happy belated Father’s Day to all of the fathers that hopefully got to celebrate yesterday!

It’s a time of year where it’s natural to kick back a bit and enjoy life, however the demands of producing a newsletter with great content on a specific schedule can often feel contrary to relaxation or even addressing sudden life events as I myself encountered this week and share in Just For Fun.

In this issue, you’ll find inspiration from over 50+ content ideas to keep your newsletter engaging and stress-free, while also exploring minimalist newsletter designs and alternate views on publishing cadences. You’ll also learn from those who decided to take a break when they needed one and yet continue to build thriving newsletters.

I am grateful to welcome Newsletter Agency as a first time sponsor! Their done-for-you newsletter services are just the ticket for this week’s theme of producing a high quality newsletter without burning yourself out. 

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Enjoy and see you next issue!

Fred (Connect With Me At: LinkedIn | X/Twitter )

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📰 Industry Roundup

5 Newsletters That Took A Break From The Newsletter Grind: Let’s face it, producing quality newsletter content on a regular schedule can be demanding, particularly when life events intrude. Inbox Collective profiled 5 newsletters that dared to buck the conventional wisdom and took some publishing time off, whether that was for a summer month or maternity leave; in fact, Inbox Collective is on its own June siesta. Here’s how and why they all did it… Read

Workweek Raises $12.5 Million To Disrupt Trade Associations: B2B newsletter powerhouse Workweek has amassed 500k subscribers for their portfolio of profession-focused newsletters, and now has a war chest to expand their offerings into online communities and an app marketplace… Read

LinkedIn’s New Newsletter Tools For Enhanced Engagement: LinkedIn offers new features to serve members publishing newsletters, which has increased 59% with a corresponding 47% increase in engagement. New features include cover image design, improved article/comment reading design, email/in-app subscriber notifications, and more… Read

Now It’s A Party - Crafting An All-Party Data Strategy: Google has postponed its deprecation of Chrome cookies until early 2025, but it’s coming and will transform your data collection and targeting tactics to leverage multiple forms of content and data. If you are still figuring out your zero from your first or third party data, this article will help… Read

⚒️ Letter Ops

30+ Brilliant Newsletter Content Ideas To Engage Your Subscribers: We all need some inspiration from time to time regarding content, and these evergreen ideas will serve you well no matter what time of the year it is… Read

CASE STUDY- Less Is More For Minimalist Newsletter with 300K Subs: Popbitch is a weekly satire newsletter that has enjoyed success for 22 years with over 300,000 subscribers using a spartan text-only format. This case study breaks down one of their issues to highlight the design, editorial and engagement strategies behind their lasting success… Read

CASE STUDY - Cadence & Consequences of Publishing Inconsistently: Alice Lemee publishes Internetly on a schedule that befits her creative cycle rather than a set publishing schedule, which she feels is at the discretion of every creator. There have been impacts to growth and monetization, but Alice also employs mitigating practices to let her subscribers hear from her and to keep the sponsors rolling in… Read

20 Newsletter Content Ideas For When You Need Them: The more frequently that you publish, the more likely you will face a deadline that causes you stress regarding how to fill an issue. These go-to content ideas have your back… Read

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🎉 Just For Fun

Every Newsletter Needs A Furry Overseer

Hunter, Benevolent Canine Overlord

In the spirit of thinking about how to run our newsletters while also making time for the better things in our lives while we have the chance, I thought it appropriate to share a photo of my dog Hunter, who we have lovingly called our benevolent canine overlord these past 9.5 years. From his perch atop the leather couch he has conditioned to his liking, he has let us know quite clearly when it was time for a tribute of chicken or that he wished to dominate our personal space with a snuggle. If he wanted to go out, he would quite simply stand on his hind legs and open the paddle-handled doors himself. He has exerted influence in some form, whether “co-working” at my feet or making me laugh as I curated content, for every issue of this newsletter since I have published it. He decided yesterday that he had taught us quite enough and that it was time for us to run our lives and this newsletter without his guidance; while that will decidedly not be as fun, I will forever be grateful for his contributions.

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