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Flippa launches newsletters as a category...

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Flippa Launches Newsletter Category as Newsletter Businesses Boom Link

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Alts.co selling Inverse Cramer newsletter on Duuce Link

beehiiv hiring risk & compliance engineer to keep bad actors off platform Link

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📤 More Exit Liquidity for Newsletters

In response to the surging demand for newsletter businesses, Flippa, the #1 marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, announces its latest category: Newsletters.

This strategic move is designed to enhance the trading experience for those looking to either sell or acquire newsletters within the landscape of online business and digital assets.

To celebrate this, Flippa is offering FREE listings for all newsletters, as well as offering their lowest-ever success fees of just 2.5% when you sell a newsletter, available for a limited time.

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Megahit - profile your subscribers to find hidden sponsorship opportunities. Check it out

TNITB - everything you need to know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Check it out

Letter AI Toolkit - use prebuilt prompts and GTP-4 to summarize and output news URLs into newsletter stories. Check it out

Looking to reach 4500+ newsletter operators?

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