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Welcome To A New Chapter For Newsletter Business

Hi - it’s a pleasure to meet you! 👋

My name is Fred Kauber, and as Richard shared last week, I have the privilege of being the new owner and publisher of Newsletter Business.

Our regular newsletter sections follow below, but we will start today’s issue a little differently to acknowledge the changes that are taking place for Newsletter Business.

This newsletter is first and foremost about you and the newsletter business you are trying to grow, so I'd like to share how I hope to aid you in that mission and what I have planned for Newsletter Business. In the process, I’d also like to introduce myself and why my experiences might be able to help you, so please bear with me over the next few paragraphs as this transition may spark some inspiration if you ever find yourself as the new owner of an existing newsletter.

As an entrepreneur, I leverage technology and marketing to transform and grow businesses. In a career that has spanned 3 decades, I have been a CEO, CTO, CIO, CPO, and CMO for Fortune 500 and PE/VC-backed ventures as well as a founder of bootstrapped ventures (which is what Newsletter Business is as I'm funding it solely with my own money). In these different roles across industries such as Big Tech, Fintech, Martech, and Healthtech, I've seen how the game is played from a few different perspectives including through several successful exits.

Email and newsletter marketing has played a pivotal role in those adventures from my very first job running IBM's global email network to my first CTO role building a newsletter publishing platform at Bigfoot Interactive. This platform was an ESP before the term had been coined, and while the platform was successfully sold for $120 million, it was well ahead of a time when the market would value platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact and HubSpot at many multiples of that price.

That is an indicator of just how valuable newsletter assets have become over time, and I continue to believe in their potential and be deeply involved in the newsletter game through my work as a private equity operator and investor. In that capacity, I currently serve as chairman of an online healthcare professional community which publishes a newsletter to over 100,000 subscribers and which is monetized through sponsorships and events.

All of which is to say that I've garnered deep firsthand experience in the best practices and business potential of newsletter assets. I acquired Newsletter Business with the intention of infusing those perspectives and experiences into this newsletter's content and offerings to help you meet your goals.

As a professor teaching technology and innovation strategy in NYU's graduate program, I simply love to research and teach; there are limits to what is practical to convey in a newsletter however, which is why I also acquired The Newsletter Is The Business manual and Letter AI Toolkit to serve as tools that can complement what we explore in the newsletter.

While there is a lot that we can and will explore together, my immediate plans are to change only a few small things about this newsletter:

  • Shorten The Name: I’ve telegraphed this a bit with the copy above, but starting with our next issue this newsletter will simply become Newsletter Business, with no leading “The”. With that in mind, the new domain for this newsletter is now NewsletterBusiness.com. I believe that a newsletter or website should own and use its namesake .com domain whenever possible. Newsletters.biz will continue to redirect to the new domain.

  • Format Changes: A few small tweaks have already found their way into this issue, such as how links are represented and some expanded narrative on curated articles, all in service to optimizing the time and attention you are investing in our content.

Beyond that, the main answer to what is next for Newsletter Business largely depends on you. I want to hear from you and get to know your interests and needs in the newsletter arena so I can serve you well. To that end, I will be offering a survey with rewards in the near future to collect your detailed feedback.

Deep thanks to Richard for what has been a seamless transfer of Newsletter Business thus far and we are both fully committed to your experience as a subscriber!

If you would like to connect directly with me or just say hello, please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or X/Twitter, or simply reply to this email and help teach those deliverability algorithms that you love this newsletter!.

See you next issue!


P.S. Newsletter Business has partnered with The Newsletter Conference to promote its first ever event in NYC on 5/3. I will be there and would love to meet you! In addition, if you register for the conference via this newsletter, you will receive an invitation to the exclusive Newsletter Business reception following the conference. See below for more details!

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Organized by Who Sponsors Stuff, the phenomenal speakers list includes experts such as:

  • Matt McGarry - Founder, Newsletter Operator & GrowLetter

  • Jacob Donelly - Founder, A Media Operator

  • Dan Oshinsky - Founder, Inbox Collective

  • Chenell Basilio - Writer & Reverse Engineer, Growth In Reverse

  • And many more newsletter experts operating across a range of industries and audience sizes that can speak to your specific challenges!

The conference will take place in New York City at The Times Center on May 3rd, 2024 and is a can’t miss event!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Everyone that registers for The Newsletter Conference via the links in this newsletter will be invited to a special Newsletter Business VIP reception in NYC immediately following the conference.

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The Newsletter Is The Business (TINTB) - All you need to know about launching, monetizing and selling editorial newsletters. Get smart fast

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